Scanmar is the pioneer among producers of Catch Control Systems. Scanmar’s main objective is to offer commercial fishermen equipment for increased efficiency and financial gain.

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Scanmar’s Catch Control Systems are characterized by their advanced technology and high quality, and since 1980 we have invested 400 million Norwegian kroner in developing robust, reliable and innovative products.

Bridge Instrumentation

  • ScanMate 4 (Basic Trawl Geometry)
  • ScanMate 6 (Advanced Trawl Geometry)
  • ScanBas (Complete Trawl Geometry and Trawl Eye Display)


Sensors provide information about gear geometry, underwater conditions and other critical data, allowing the fisherman to improve catches using less time and less fuel. Graphical data presentation makes it easy to detect errors and to act fast when needed.


  • Depth Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Distance Sensor
  • Double Distance Sensor
  • Tension Sensor
  • Trawlsounder
  • Height Sensor
  • Trawlspeed Sensor
  • Symmetry Sensor
  • Catch Sensor
  • Grid Sensor
  • Trawleye Sensor
  • Net Transponder
  • Rip Sensor


Hydrophones are mounted under the boat for reception of data from the sensors.

  • Trawl Hydrophone
  • Purse Hydrophone
  • Towed Hydrophone
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