Scantrol is an independent supplier of monitoring and control systems to the modern marine and offshore industries.

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Scantrol for all winch control systems and active heave compensation solutions to the offshore industry

The main focus of Scantrol’s systems is to enhance efficiency, fuel economy and safety. The control systems range from simple winch control systems to the most advanced controls for offshore support vessels, seismic vessels, AHT vessels, marine research vessels, fishing vessels, semi subs and barges.
Scantrol’s head offices are located in Bergen, Norway, where we focus on design, sales, marketing and support. Around 80 % of Scantrol’s systems are exported and over the years we have built an extensive international network for service and support to ensure reliable operation and long lifetime of the systems we supply.
2013 proved to be a record year for the company due to the increasingly stronger position in the offshore and subsea markets. Currently more than a thousand vessels worldwide are equipped with Scantrol systems.

Fishing Products

  • iSYM Trawl Control
  • iSYM Pair Trawl
  • iSYM Flyshoot
  • iSYM Pelagic
  • iSYM Scallop
  • iSPOOL Electronic Wire Spooling
  • Data Sheet

Marine Research Products

  • Wireless Fish Meter
  • FishMeter – Electronic Fish Measuring Board
  • iSYM Subsea Winch Control – Marine Research
  • iSYM Trawl Control – Marine Research

Offshore Products

  • iSYM Mooring Winch Control
  • iSYM Subsea Winch Control
  • iSYM Towing Winch Control
  • iSYM Scantrol Active heave compensation AHC
  • iSYM Scantrol Active heave compensation AHC for cranes
  • iSYM AHC LARS systems
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